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Machal, Canada, Alphabetical*

  • † Christian
  • # Killed in Action
  • £ Served in other Branches
  • ¥ Served in both Aliyah Bet & Machal
Name Hometown State Unit
Abrams, Joe Toronto Ont. Army
Abramson, Joe Winnipeg Man. Army
£ Alterson, Morris Yorkton Sask. Army, Navy
Anger, Stanley Toronto Ont. Air Force
Bagelman, Harry Toronto Ont. Army
Baltman, William "Bill" Toronto Ont. Air Force
Beckwith [Beck], Morris Ottawa Ont. Air Force
Belkin, Jack Calgary Alb. Army
Benn, Jacob Toronto Ont. Air Force
Berger, Jack Toronto Ont. Army
Beube, Sidney Toronto Ont. Army
† # Beurling, Geo F. "Buzz" Verdun Que. Air Force
Binder, Sam Toronto Ont. Air Force
¥ Blank, Jack Toronto Ont. Army
† Bradshaw, William "Blacky" Dundas Ont. Air Force
Braverman, Immanuel Montreal Que. Army
† Brodigan, Charles Vancouver B.C. Air Force
£ Brown, Allan Toronto Ont. Army, Navy
Brown, Max Toronto Ont. Army
Cadloff, Syd Montreal Que. Army
Calman, Mike Vancouver B.C. Army
Camerman, Sam Vancouver B.C. Air Force
Cameron, Rudolph "Tiny" Toronto Ont. Air Force
# Canter, Wilfred Toronto Ont. Air Force
Caplan, Alexander Montreal Que. Air Force
Cappell, Murray Toronto Ont. Army
Chapnick, Allan Winnipeg Man. Army
Chetner, Sydney Calgary Alb. Army
Chinsky, Eddie Windsor Ont. Air Force
Cohen, Aaron Kamsack Sas. Air Force
Cohen, Bob Montreal Que. Army
# Cohen, Harvey Toronto Ont. Army
Cohen, Meyer Montreal Que. Air Force
Cohen, Sam Toronto Ont. Army
Cooper, Morry Toronto Ont. Army
Cossman, Howard Montreal Que. Army
Covent, Perry Toronto Ont. Air Force
Dankevy, Morris Toronto Ont. Army
Danovich, Moe Montreal Que. Army
Danovitch, Abe Montreal Que. Air Force
Dinkin, Harry Toronto Ont. Air Force
Dlin, Norman Edmonton Alb. Army
† Doyle, John "Jack" London Ont. Air Force
Druker, Lionel Sydney N.S. Army
Drutz, David Toronto Ont. Air Force
Dunkelman, Ben Toronto Ont. Army
Dworkin, Alec Montreal Que. Army
Edelstein, Stephen Pembroke Ont. Air Force
Eisen, Robert Toronto Ont. Army
Epstein, Alex Toronto Ont. Army
Epstein, Morris Toronto Ont. Army
† Etchells, David Hamilton Ont. Air Force
Fagen, Sam Montreal Que. Army
Fine, Len Toronto Ont. Army
# Fisher, William Winnipeg Man. Air Force
† # Fitchett, Leonard Vancouver B.C. Air Force
Floom, Harold Winnipeg Man. Air Force
Forster, Sam Montreal Que. Army
Fox, Jack Winnipeg Man. Kibbutz
Fox, Leonard Toronto Ont. Army
Freedman, Jack Montreal Que. Army
£ Freedman, Max Winnipeg Man. Air Force, Army
Freedman, Nathan Winnipeg Man. Air Force
Freeman, Lionel Toronto Ont. Air Force
Freeman, Solomon Toronto Ont. Army
Garbovitsky, Morley Winnipeg Man. Air Force
Garfin, Ansel Toronto Ont. Air Force
Gelmon, Alvin D. Vancouver B.C. Army
Gerstl, Joe Toronto Ont. Army
Gertzbein, David Toronto Ont. Army
¥ Ginsberg, Murray Toronto Ont. Army
Gold, Irving Mark Vancouver B.C. Army
Gold, Jack Montreal Que. Army
Goldberg, Arthur Vancouver B.C. Army
Goldberg, Samuel Winnipeg Man. Air Force
Goldstein, Jack Montreal Que. Air Force
Goldstep, Myer Winnipeg Man. Army
Good, Philip M. Toronto Ont. Army
Goodman, Harvey Montreal Que. Army
Goodman, Henry Hank Calgary Alb. Army
Gordon, Machen Preston Ont. Air Force
Gordon, Sam Vancouver B.C. Air Force
Gorin, Reuben Winnipeg Man. Air Force
£ Gross, Gerry Joseph Montreal Que. Army, Navy
Halperin, Sidney St. Catherine Ont. Army
Hambourg, Irving Toronto Ont. Army
Heaps, Leo Montreal Que. Army
Horne, Salk Army
Hurtig, Jack Winnipeg Man. Air Force
Hyman, Len Regina Sask. Navy
Jacobs, Sol Toronto Ont. Air Force
Jacobson, Sydney M. Winnipeg Man. Army
Joffe, Yale Vancouver B.C. Air Force
Jolson, George Winnipeg Man. Army
Kahane, Bernard Winnipeg Man. Army
† Kane, James Windsor Ont. Air Force
Kaplansky, Dave Montreal Que. Air Force
£ Kaplansky, Irving Montreal Que. Army, Navy
¥ Kaplansky, Yedidia "Eddy" Montreal Que. Air Force
Kare, Moshe "Morley" Winnipeg Man. Army, Medical Corps
Kastner, Meyer Montreal Que. Air Force
Kates, Harold Toronto Ont. Air Force
Katz, Jack Winnipeg Man. Army
¥ Katz, Moshe Montreal Que. Navy
Katz, Percy Toronto Ont. Army
Kessiloff, Edward Winnipeg Man. Army
Kettner, Frank Calgary Alb. Air Force
Kipness, Arnold Calgary Alb. Army
Klein, Hyman Vegreville Alb. Army
¥ Kogan, Bernard Montreal Que. Navy
Kopstein, Jack Winnipeg Man. Army
Kushner, David "Art" Vancouver B.C. Air Force
Langer, Albert Toronto Ont. Air Force
Lashinsky, Arthur "Lash" Toronto Ont. Army
Laurie, Louis Quebec Que. Army
Leff, Norman Arthur "Alter" Toronto Ont. Army
# Leisure, Sidney Toronto Ont. Army
Leith, Nathan Edmonton Alb. Air Force
Lenett, Harold N. Vancouver B.C. Army
Leventhal, Philip Toronto Ont. Air Force
Levin, Ernest Max Windsor Ont. Army
Levine, Abraham Whitby Ont. Army
Levitan, Elkan Montreal Que. Air Force
Lewis, Julius Toronto Ont. Army
Liberson, Albert Winnipeg Man. Air Force
Lipschitz [Lipton], Edward Toronto Ont. Air Force
Lobe, Morris Trail B.C. Army
# Lugech, Ed Toronto Ont. Army
Macillin, Joe Winnipeg Man. Navy
£ Maltin, Manny Vancouver B.C. Army, Navy
Manolson, Will Calgary Alb. Air Force
Margolese, Robert Winnipeg Man. Army
Margolis, Reuben Army
Matlow, Irving L. Toronto Ont. Army
† McElroy, John F. Vancouver B.C. Air Force
† McGunigal, Jim Vancouver B.C. Air Force
Merovihtz [Mervin], Harry Winnipeg Man. Air Force
Merson, Leonard Montreal Que. Air Force
Meyerowitz [Meyers], Hank Winnipeg Man. Army
Meyers, Joseph Winnipeg Man. Navy
Miller, Stanley Calgary Alb. Army
Morris, Samuel Vancouver B.C. Air Force
# Moster, Ralph Vancouver B.C. Air Force
£ Naturman, Meyer Montreal Que. Air Force
† Nelson, Edward Windsor Ont. Air Force
Newfield, Frank Toronto Ont. Air Force
Novick, William Montreal Que. Air Force
¥ £ Ocopnick, Ben Toronto Ont. Army, AF, Navy
Olfman, Jacob "Jack" Winnipeg Man. Air Force
Olfman, Mitchell Moses Kamsack Sask. Army
Orloff, Harold Vancouver B.C. Air Force
Ostrovsky [Osten], Sydney Edmonton Alb. Air Force
Panar, David Edmonton Alb. Air Force
Parness, Victor Montreal Que. Navy
† Pears, James Hamilton Ont. Air Force
Perry, Norman Toronto Ont. Navy
Pierce, Morris Kingston Ont. Army
Potter, Manly Winnipeg Man. Army
Poskanzer, Aliza Winnipeg Man. Air Force
Pressman, Julius Ottawa Ont. Army
Prussick, Sam Montreal Que. Army
Quitt, Gordon Toronto Ont. Army
£ Reiter, Walter Toronto Ont. Air Force
Robinson, Max Winnipeg Man. Army
Rosen, Al Montreal Que. Army
Rosen, David Vancouver B.C. Army
£ Rosenberg, Gerald S. Toronto Ont. Army, Navy
£ Ross, Benjamin "Barry" Calgary Alb. Army, Air Force
¥ Rostoker, Ben Montreal Que. Army
Roth, Eddie M. Toronto Ont. Medical Corps
# Rubinoff, Sidney Toronto Ont. Army
Rudin, Raymon Edmonton Alb. Army
Ruvinsky, Aaron "Art" Winnipeg Man. Air Force
Sacksner, Lionel Montreal Que. Army
# ¥ Schiff, Reuben "Red" Toronto Ont. Army
Schwartz, Morris "Mo" Toronto Ont. Army
Segal, Hy Montreal Que. Army
Shanas, Leibel "Ed" Winnipeg Man. Army
Shnitke [Shaw], Sam Calgary Alb. Air Force
Sidorsky, David Calgary Alb. Army
Siegel, Avrom V. Toronto Ont. Army
Siegel, Joseph Glace Bay N.S. Air Force
£ Silver, Melvin Calgary Alb. Army, Air Force
† Sinclair, Geo Leslie "Lee" Winnipeg Man. Air Force
Singer, Samuel Winnipeg Man. Army
Sirulnikoff [Sirlin], Harvey Winnipeg Man. Army
Slutsky, Jack Montreal Que. Army
Smith, Harry Toronto Ont. Air Force
Smith, Jack St. Georges Que. Army
Smith, Jack Winnipeg Man. Air Force
Sokolow, Moshe Toronto Ont. Army
Solsberg, Albert Toronto Ont. Air Force
Spector, Israel Winnipeg Man. Army
£ Spiegel, Albert Toronto Ont. Army, Air Force
† Spink, Thomas Vancouver B.C. Air Force
Steinberg [Halamish], Joe Winnipeg Man. Army
Steinberg, Otto Montreal Que. Air Force
† # Stevenson, Fred Vancouver B.C. Air Force
Stitz, Frank Portage La Prairie Man. Navy
Stitz, Oscar "Al" Montreal Que. Air Force
Sturrey, Ben "Red" Winnipeg Man. Air Force
Sures, Lawrence Winnipeg Man. Army
Sussman, Joe Toronto Ont. Air Force
† Sutton, Bernard "Terry" Vancouver B.C. Air Force
Swartz, Morris Toronto Ont. Army
Talksy, Joe Toronto Ont. Army
Tate, Daniel Toronto Ont. Army
Troube, Avraham "Al" Toronto Ont. Air Force
Tunis, Joe Vegreville Alb. Army
† Wadman, Charles "Bill" Calgary Alb. Air Force
Waldman, Leonard Montreal Que. Army
Waldman, Maurice H. Assiniboia Sask. Army
Warner, Joseph Toronto Ont. Army
Wasser, Samuel Toronto Ont. Army
Weiner, Herky Army
Weiner, Joseph Montreal Que. Army
Weinstein, Manny Montreal Que. Army
Weinzweig, Avrum Israel Toronto Ont. Army
† Wilson, Clifford "Denny" Hamilton Ont. Air Force
¥ Witenoff, Julius [Yehuda] Montreal Que. Air Force
£ Wohl, David Edmonton Alb. Army, Air Force
Wolfson, Bessie [Lam, Batya] Toronto Ont. Air Force
£ Wosk, Saul Vancouver B.C. Army, Air Force
Wright, David Isadore Hamilton Ont. Air Force
† Wygle, Brien Vancouver B.C. Air Force
Yurman, Shlomo Winnipeg Man. Air Force
Ziev [Sivkin], Nachum Montreal Que. Air Force
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