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North American Volunteers In Israel's War of Independence


Honoring The Ship That Launched A Nation

2017 Dedication of Exodus Monument

By Daniel Fliegler


William (Bill) Bernstein

William Bernstein was born on 27th January 1923 in Passaic, New Jersey.  At the age of 13 his family moved to San Francisco.  He graduated from Galileo High School in San Francisco and attended Ohio State University.  Although entitled to a deferment from military service as a pre-medical student, he volunteered for the US Merchant Marines in World War II. He graduated from the Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy in 1944 as a second lieutenant.


Exodus 1947: 70th Commemoration: Project Update

Exodus Baltimore Memorial

Congressman John P. Sarbanes of Maryland has entered into the U.S Congressional Record recognition of the famed Holocaust Rescue Ship, the Exodus 1947. (see copy below). The ship, out of Baltimore, was American funded and crewed.  Its historic voyage in running the British naval blockade of Palestine made it a foundation story of the modern State of Israel.  Ruth Gruber called the Exodus 1947, the "Ship that Launched a Nation". Nine other largely US manned ships sailed from the U.S.