Links - Clandestine Immigration and Navy Museum in Haifa. This site, in Hebrew and English, provides details, including photos, about all 116 Aliyah Bet ships that brought Jewish refugees from Europe before, during, and after World War II. - Web site about current volunteerism associated with Israel and the armed forces. - The booklet “Machal, Overseas Volunteers in Israel’s War of Independence,” originally published in 2003 by the Israel Ministry of education. It deals with the larger picture of the 3,500 Machal volunteers from more than 40 countries. - Listing of all Aliyah ships that sailed between 1945 and 1948, with dates and ports of departure, number of passengers, and final disposition of ship. Also photographs of most of the ships. - Original web site of the American Veterans of Israel, providing archival newsletters of the organization and links to the University of Florida Libraries for access to newsletters going back to 1949. - Machal and Aliyah Bet archives at American Jewish Historical Society. - World Machal Website. - Michael Levin Lone Soldiers Center.