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Books, Machal

(Non-Fiction, unless otherwise noted)

  • Barber, Rowland, The Midnighters, Crown Publishers, New York, 1970.
  • Bercuson, David Jay, The Secret Army, Lester & Orpen Dennys, Toronto, 1983, and Stein & Day, New York, 1984.
  • Burstein, Samuel, Rabbi with Wings, Herzl Press, New York, 1965.
  • Cull, Brian, with David Nicolle and Shlomo Aloni, Spitfires over Israel, Grub Street, London, 1990-1994.
  • Dunkelman, Ben, Dual Allegiance, Goodread Biographies, Halifax, 1984.
  • Greenspun, Hank, Where I Stand, David McKay Co., New York, 1966.
  • Heckelman, Joseph, American Volunteers and Israel’s War of Independence, Ktav Publishing House, New York, 1974.
  • Kaplansky, Eddy, The First Fliers, Israel Air Force Historical Branch, 1993.
  • Kurzman, Dan, Genesis 1948: The First Arab-Israeli War, De Capo Press, Cambridge, MA, 1992.
  • Levett, Gordon, Flying under Two Flags, An Ex-RAF Pilot in Israel’s War of Independence, Frank Cass & Co. Ltd., London, 1994.
  • Lichtman, William, Between the Star and the Cross, Citadel Press, New York, 1957.
  • Livingston, Harold, The Coasts of the Earth, Houghton-Miflin, 1954. (Novel)
  • Livingston, Harold, No Trophy, No Sword: An American Volunteers in the Israel Air Force during the 1948 War of Independence, Edition Q, Chicago, 1994; paperback edition, Destination Israel, Gates & Bridges, Norwalk, 1998.
  • Lowenstein, Ralph, Bring My Sons from Far, a Novel of the Israeli War, World Publishing Co., Cleveland and New York, 1966; paperback edition, A Time of War, Lancer Books, 1971, 2nd edition, 1973. (Novel)
  • Marcovitzky, Yaacov, Machal, Overseas Volunteers in Israel’s War of Independence, English translation by Moshe Kohn, Israel Ministry of Information, Jerusalem, 2003;
    Internet edition, 2004:
  • Ondra, Winona, Lonesome & Coping, Boyden Publishing, Pennsburg, PA, 1997.
  • Porath, Zipporah, Letters from Jerusalem 1947-1948, Assn. of Americans & Canadians in Israel, 1987.
  • Senior, Boris, My Life as a Fighter Pilot and a Founder of the Israel Air Force, Potomac Books, Dulles, VA, 2005.
  • Slater, Leonard, The Pledge, Simon & Schuster, New York, 1970.
  • Weiss, Craig and Jeffrey, I Am My Brother’s Keeper: American Volunteers in Israel’s War of Independence 1947-1949, Schiffer Military History, Atglen, PA, 1998.
  • Yonay, Ehud, No Margin for Error: the making of the Israel Air Force, Pantheon Books, New York, 1993.


Books, Aliyah Bet

(Non-Fiction, unless otherwise noted)

  • Cohen, Eugene, Rescue, Riverside Publishing Co., Rolling Meadows, IL, 1991.
  • Grauel, John, Exodus 1947, an autobiography as told to Eleanor Elfenbein, Ivory House, New Jersey, 1983.
  • Greeenfield, Murray, and Joseph Hochstein, The Jews’ Secret Fleet, Gefen Publishers, Jerusalem and Hewlett, NJ, updated edition, 1999.
  • Hadari, Ze’ev Venia and Ze’ev Tsahor, Voyage to Freedom: An Episode in the Illegal Immigration to Palestine, Mitchell Valentine & Co., Totawa, NJ, 1985.
  • Liebrich, Fritz, Britain’s Naval and Political Reaction to the Illegal Immigration of Jews to Palestine, 1945-1948, Routledge, New York, 2005.
  • Mardor, Munya, Strictly Illegal, Robert Hale, London, 1957.
  • Naor, Mordechai, HaApala, Clandestine Immigration, Israel Ministry of Defence, Jerusalem, 1987.
  • Patzert, Rudolph, Running the Palestine Blockade: the Last Voyage of the Paducah, U.S. Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, MD, 1994.
  • Silverstone, Paul, Our Only Refuge, Open the Gates! Clandestine Immigration to Palestine 1938-48, Paul Silverstone, 330 W. 58th Street, Apt. 9L, New York, NY 10019. See web site: Click here..
  • Yellin, Harriet Steuer, Hatkvah, Song of Hope, T&S Associates Inc., Phoenix, 1995.