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Navy, US & Canada, Alphabetical*

  • † Christian
  • # Killed in Action
  • £ Served in other Branches
  • ¥ Served in both Aliyah Bet & Machal
Name Nat Hometown State Unit
Alterson, Morris CAN Yorkton Sask. Haganah/K20
Applebaum, Samuel USA Navy-Unknown
Baranan, Aaron USA Atlanta GA Headquarters/Haifa
Baum, David USA New York NY K-18
Bieber, Harry USA New York NY Shayetet 13
Braver, Arthur USA Navy-Unknown
Broder, Marvin USA New York NY Headquarters/Haifa
Brown, Allan CAN Toronto Ont. Haganah/K20
Cohen [Kanot], Aaron USA Chicago IL Nogah/K26
Cohen, Gerald USA New York NY Nogah/K26
Cohen, Lenny USA Los Angeles CA Shayetet 13
De Roy, Benjamin USA Navy-Unknown
Ellis, Alvin USA Los Angeles CA Shayetet 13
Feinberg, Hal [Zvi] USA New York NY Shayetet 13
Finard, Saunder USA Wilmington DE Headquarters/Haifa
Friedlander [Yeriel], Jack USA New York NY Nogah/K26
Gelberg, William C. USA Newark NJ Headquarters/Haifa
Gershoni, Chaim USA Navy-Unknown
Goldstein, Myron USA New York NY Headquarters/Haifa
Gross, Gerry Joseph CAN Montreal Que. Eliat/K?
Gross, Martin USA New York NY Nogah/K26
Halpern, Benjamin USA New York NY Nogah/K26
Hanovice, David USA Houston TX Nogah/K26
Hyman, Len CAN Regina Sask. Radar
Kadish, Ehud Haganah/K20
Kalisky, Avram USA New York NY Radar
Kaplansky, Irving CAN Montreal Que. Haganah/K20
Katz, Moshe CAN Montreal Que. Haganah/K20
Kaye, Paul USA New York NY Shayetet 13
Kite, Arnold USA Chicago IL Nogah/K26
Kogan, Bernard CAN Montreal Que. Haganah/K20
Lev [Leff], Jonathan USA CA Navy-Unknown
Macillin, Joe CAN Winnipeg Man. Haganah/K20
Maltin, Emanuel USA Navy-Unknown
Maltin, Manny CAN Vancouver B.C. Radar
Meyers, Joseph CAN Winnipeg Man. Navy-Unknown
Miller, Harvey Headquarters/Haifa
Morris, Samuel CAN Vancouver B.C. Radar
Notarius, Harold USA Newark NJ Navy-Unknown
Ocopnick, Ben CAN Toronto Ont. K-18
Parness, Victor CAN Montreal Que. Navy-Unknown
Perry, Norman CAN Toronto Ont. Navy-Unknown
Persky, Marvin USA Navy-Unknown
Rabinovich, Sidney USA New York NY Radar
Rosenberg, Gerald S. CAN Toronto Ont. Haganah/K20
Rosenberg, Richard USA Philadelphia PA Headquarters/Haifa
Shimshoni, Aaron USA Navy-Unknown
Shugar, Harold USA Tarboro NC Eliat/K?
Shulman, Paul USA Stanford CT Headquarters/Haifa
Sockol, Arthur Haganah/K20
Stambler, Moses USA New York NY Headquarters/Haifa
Steuerman, Ben Hagai USA New York NY Headquarters/Haifa
Stitz, Frank CAN Portage La Prairie Man. Haganah/K20
Strauss, Phillip USA New York NY Headquarters/Haifa
Streicher, Martin Headquarters/Haifa
Twicken, Saul USA Boston MA Haganah/K20
Tzizik, George USA Lynn MA Navy-Unknown
Wallman, Stan USA Navy-Unknown
Weinhaus, Sidney USA St. Louis MO Navy-Unknown
Weinstein, Sid USA Nogah/K26
Wills, Saul USA Navy-Unknown
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